Safety and Rules

Course obstacles may be hazardous. Tactical Titan is designed to push your limits Do not attempt an obstacle that you are uncomfortable with. Race officials will always offer a fitness-oriented alternative to any obstacle. Be smart and use your discretion. Notify a race official if you are injured or feel that your safety is in danger at any time during the race.

  • All participants must follow the rules and instructions given by the race director, staff, volunteers, medical staff and law enforcement.
  • Participants understand and acknowledge that Tactical Titan is an extreme event and accept all risks associated with the event.
  • Participants must be physically able to complete the course and all obstacles attempted.
  • No participants under the age of 12 on race day on adult course. Mini Run for kids ages 6-12 available in most locations.
  • Participants must wear the provided race bib facing forward.
  • Photographers and videographers will be documenting Tactical Titan. Participants agree to allow Tactical Titan to use images or video footage of them for promotional purposes.
  • Do not bring animals on the race course.
  • Baby joggers or strollers, skates, bicycles, skateboards or any other type of recreational vehicle or wheeled device are prohibited on the course.
  • We strongly recommend shoes, as there may be sharp objects on the course. Run barefoot at your own risk.
  • Restroom facilities will be provided at the event. Do not urinate or defecate on or near the course.
  • Registration is closed when the maximum capacity is reached. Earlier waves tend to fill up the fastest.
  • Any participant who disobeys course official instructions may be disqualified and/or removed from the race at the discretion of the course official and race director. Violations include unsportsmanlike behavior, offensive language and conduct, nudity, improper or irresponsible behavior, or the inability to complete an obstacle.
  • If a participant chooses to leave the course, they may not return without the express permission of the race director.
  • Any participant caught cheating, or skipping sections of the course is subject to disqualification.
  • Participants not wearing an official bib number and timing device are disqualified.
  • Non-participants are prohibited from entering the course, unless they have written approval from event officials.
  • Tactical Titan medical personnel are authorized to examine participants who appear to be injured. Medical personnel have the discretion to remove participants from the event.
  • Participants assume all responsibility for any and all medical expenses incurred during the event. Participant responsibility includes but is not limited to hospitalization, ambulance transportation or physician services.
  • Tactical Titan reserve the right to cancel, delay, or move the race due to severe weather, national emergency, terrorist attack, earthquake, tsunami, flood, or other act of god.
  • Tactical Titan officials reserve the right to modify any event rule at any time for any reason. Participants are responsible for knowing and understanding the published rules, including any modifications, prior to the event.

Tactical Titan Rules

Overall – Athletes must complete all obstacles as specified in the Tactical Titan Elite Rules in order to be eligible for Awards/Prizes, which are awarded to the Top 3 Male and Top 3 Female athletes Overall and Masters division competing in the Mud Titan Elite Wave.

Rule Changes – For safety or logistical reasons, Tactical Titan management may change/alter the rules for an obstacle at any time. If a race official or obstacle attendee instructs you to do something that is contrary to the written rules of an obstacle, follow their verbal instructions. Should you disregard verbal instructions from race officials or obstacle attendees, you will be reported to Titan management who will then rule on the matter.

Attempts – Obstacles may be attempted an unlimited number of times. (There are no workout alternatives.) If you are unable to complete an obstacle on your first attempt, you must make your way to the far right lane (Retry lane) or obstacle area to make additional attempts. This is to avoid impeding athletes behind you who are attempting an obstacle for the first time.

Titan Elite Wristbands – Each Tactical Titan Elite athlete will be given a Tactical Titan Elite wristband. (If you do not receive a wristband prior to entering the start line corral, contact a staff member immediately to request one.) Running without the Tactical Titan Elite wristband disqualifies you from prizes/awards. The Tactical Titan Elite wristband must be worn in addition to your timing chip and bib. Bib on front only.

Tactical Titan Elite Wristbands – If an athlete cannot complete an obstacle and decides to move on to the next obstacle, they must immediately turn in their Tactical Titan Elite wristband to the nearest race official or obstacle attendee. If for some reason there is no race official or obstacle attendee present, please remove your wristband and place it on the ground beside the obstacle. If you do not turn in your wristband at the non-completed obstacle you will be reported via radio to Tactical Titan management and disqualified from eligibility for prizes/awards.

PLEASE NOTE: Athletes who still have their wristbands at the finish line MUST check in at the RESULTS TENT with the finish line staff. If you do not check in at the results tent to let us know you successfully completed all obstacles and still have your Tactical Titan Elite wristband, you will NOT be eligible for prizes/awards.

Obstacle Non-Completion – Even if you can’t complete an obstacle and have lost your wristband, you can still finish the race and receive your finish time. However, you will no longer be eligible to receive prizes/awards.

Assistance – No physical assistance is allowed at any time during the Tactical Titan Elite wave. Do not help another athlete with any obstacles. If assistance is provided or received, this will result in obstacle non-completion.

Bib – Mud Titan Elite athletes MUST display their bib prominently on their person at all times during the race. Bibs must be worn on either front of shirt or front of shorts/legs do not place bibs on: arm, head, back, etc.

Course – Athletes must follow ALL course markings. If you become lost or off course, please return to the last known “on course” location. If you cannot find your way back, find a member of the Tactical Titan team and they will assist you. Tactical Titan Management will have decision-making authority if any issues arise with completing the course as intended.

Obstacles – If you do not understand how to complete an obstacle, please ask a race official or obstacle attendee and then follow instructions as specified.

Fair Play – You may not intentionally impede the progression of another competitor. This behavior may result in obstacle non-completion and the loss of your Tactical Titan Elite wristband.

Checking Your Results – Tactical Titan Elite results will be broken down into two categories: one for those who successfully completed all obstacles and kept their Tactical Titan Elite wristband and the other for those who did not successfully complete all obstacles and lost their Tactical Titan Elite wristband.

Category 1 (eligible for prizes/awards)

1 – Mud Titan Elite Male – 100% Obstacle Completion

1 – Mud Titan Elite Female – 100% Obstacle Completion

Category 2 (not eligible for prizes/awards*)

2 – Mud Titan Elite Male – Non-Completed Obstacle(s)

2 – Mud Titan Elite Female – Non-Completed Obstacle(s)

Clothing & Footwear – You may wear gloves, compression gear, padding, knee/joint braces, tape, etc. No spikes or cleats allowed.

Gear – You may not carry any gear that is used to provide physical assistance with an obstacle. All gear, such as nutrition, clothing, etc., must go through, under, and over all obstacles with you.